Another brutal beatdown for Shawn. At least I made it to turn three without being to the “mop up” stage.
As usual, I am making a lot of mistakes. Forgetting abilities, failing to properly screen out deep strikers, and mispositioning units. Ghost Arks drifting away from units of Warriors, not shooting pistols and so forth. However, I am getting better. This time I brought a unit of ten Lychguard who helped my Warriors a lot. The basic Warriors are great at taking and holding objectives, but need a bodyguard. Their reanimation abilities are not enough to keep them around. I also love my Gauss Reapers (the 12″ assault gun on the basic warriors), but they rarely get to shoot it as they are caught up in close combat right away. So maybe, trying to mix in some rapid fire 24″ weapons next time.
It’s my seventh game with my Necrons, so I don’t expect to be a master yet, and I definitely see improvement. It’s like anything else. It take a hundred man-hours to get decent, and ten thousand hours to be a Master.