Picture: a High Elf Dragonlord in Chracian colors. Hear my expert narrative.

OH, I can’t believe that I haven’t done an entry in three days.

Wednesday I spent the morning tying up loose ends at the studio and the afternoon at the MTC, which was awesome.

Things are proceeding apace with the studio Ork army, that assembly at least. Against all sense and reason I bought some models to round out the studio Imperial Guard army: three units of Kasrkin

I’m training some talented rookies down at the studio and I’m pleased with what I’m seeing.
What else? I’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs and Stargate. Something on Stargate scared the crap out of Griffin, he was up crying at 3am the other night and he pointed to the Stargate DVDs.

So, I now only watch them when the kids are out of the room. However, I’m really in tune with Griffin and I intuitively knew what would help him sleep– I moved a little waterfall, calming sounds thing from the bathroom to his room at night. That worked like a charm. On top of that he’s been really sick with a fever these last few days. If it’s not better by Monday it’s off to the hospital. It’s really sad to see him lying there, listless. It’s funny because if we give him some medicine, as soon as he feels a little better he starts tearing around the place.

About the Trollbloods, they’ve fallen to low priority in Assembly so I won’t make Hordes night this Saturday. My wife and I are going out to Sushi with a painter and his wife instead. I’m really looking forward to that.

Today I had a rare in-person visit with a client which I really enjoyed. I’m cooped up alone in my flourescent tomb most of the time which is completely against my nature.