Picture: a mighty Ork Warlord, the leader of a mass of greenskins. This army was huge. The painter came in today as if shell-shocked. And after painting 190 orks you would be too! See my masterful narration.

Life is good. The long winter has brought clarity to my mind. They sky is like a great dome of pale blue ice. When I got home tonight, the mountain wind was pulling curtains of powder from the roof of the house. It was unreal.

I got up this morning to find the two boys watching Storm Hawks. Tamie and I were having fun with oranges, showing Griffin how to do an “orange smile”. I wolfed down some OJ, and milk with five Oreos and headed to the studio.

After doing some of my regular work, I headed to the MTC to translate into Spanish. I’m going on a different day now. I always feel uplifted coming out of that place.

I am a bit behind in my email Inbox. I have about thirty emails to respond to, so bear with me. It’s been a good week!

I uploaded a bunch of new spreadsheets for Warhammer 40K: http://www.bluetablepainting.com/view_files.php?download_categoryID=7 The new High Elves and Vampire Counts sheets are up, too.

Everyone is gearing up for the paint fest this weekend. I’m painting up an Amazon blood bowl team as a favor for a friend, plus some Sentinels for the Lions rampant.

The following projects are in digital photography:

  • Arctic Tyranids 01 JS
  • Ultramarines 01 JD (for alterations, which are done)
  • Warmaster Bretonnians are still getting some extra loving attention!

My wife came in this afternoon and got out like six packages. There’s on straggler (Nurgle 01 BH) going out tomorrow.

Right now, I’m working on my laptop in the living room. The kids are all in their jammies watching Pokemon. Everyone has had a big day!