Custom Terrain

We accept two kinds of terrain commissions. The first is that made from pre-fabricated kits such as Games Workshop scenery kits. This is treated just like a regular model commission with set prices and put through with your custom specifications if needed. We do this year round.

The second type is for custom terrain. We accept commissions for a table’s worth of terrain, typically consisting of 20-40 pieces, for which you will give a budget of $700-1200 (or as high as you can afford, sky is the limit!). We also accept smaller projects for which the minimum project size is $200 (not including shipping). We require a general description of what you want and we will work on that basis and need broad artistic license to interpret your general vision with the materials we have on hand. We have an extensive library of materials and tools to draw from. A higher budget can make the terrain more plentiful or more detailed or both. Custom terrain is quite a luxury.

For all terrain projects the customer will pay actual cost of shipping.