BTP-Blue Table Painting

Believe in the Vision

What does BTP look like in 2018? We have a cadre of artists that is ten strong, every last one a well-trained elite in their field of operation. We expertly tend to the details of forty projects at a time.

What does BTP look like in 2020? If you’ve seen Lord of the Rings and felt something as Rivendell came into view, that is how you will feel at the second incarnation of Mountain Valhalla. It is the project of a lifetime. A beacon of amazingness that draws the weary soul for replenishment. In the high summer grass are pavilions, the colors flying of noble knights on single pennants on top of each one, and there on a amidst a copse of trees by the river a cluster of orc huts. It’s an escape from reality into science fiction or fantasy. Guests for sci-fi events are brought across the river and up the hill in a steampunk tank. And there on the higher hill, the soaring eternal mountains rising even higher behind, on a stone ridge-plateau is Valhalla, the eternal abode of the gods. Stone pillars nestled among majestic pines, aspen and elm. As you are accompanied upwards you see them at the top of the broad and curving steps, the Valkyries. Noble women clad in ornate armor of gold and steel, holding halberds at ready. Your hosts, clad as king and queen or baroque armor of starfarers greet you smiling and welcome you to the afterlife. The carved wooden doors are swung slowly open revealing the Great Hall. You must weep as you enter a place of wood, stone, leather and fire. The air is thick with excited voices as a panoply of other guests are shown world upon world created in miniature; the gaming tables you will play on in the coming days or weeks. The rich smell of hearty food fills your head, the forebear of great things to come.

It is here that you will rest from the cares and worries of the world. The miles on your soul will melt away with every coming dawn. Laughter and friendship will encircle you in a place where dark thoughts cannot go. Peace of mind and sanctuary by the waters flow.

What does BTP look like in 2025? Are you kidding me? Now there is an Ocean Valhalla. Blue Table Painting is the flagship of young and aspiring artists and game designers. By this time there is the equivalent of ESPN for wargames. It’s a world-class sport and recognized as such.