We are a full-time miniatures assembly/painting service. If you want us to do your project we need a deposit. When we finish your project you get pictures. When you approve final payment is due.  When final payment clears we send your models.

Here is the information we normally need to give a precise quote. Email for a quote.

  • Name – First and Last Name

  • Country – What country/state are you from?

  • Phone – If we have some quick questions can we call you (US only)? (optional)

  • Readiness – Are you ready to set up your project right now? If not, when? Or are you just looking for a ballpark quote? Can you tell us your budget and let us do the most we can within that?

  • Models – What models do you want painted? Are you providing them? Would you like BTP to get them for you? Can you have them sent from a retailer directly to the studio (we like that). We recommend

  • Assembly – Are we assembling your models or are they coming ready to paint? Do you want magnetization options (non-infantry only)? Do you want conversion work?

  • Painting It costs more for a higher quality. Do you want us to “just get it done” in a budget? Or are you willing to pay more for a higher level of painting?

  • Reference – How did you hear about Blue Table Painting?

View our Testimonials page to see what our clients are saying about our work!

How Much Does it Cost?

Project cost is dependent on many factors.  Please contact our inquiries department for an exact quote.  We also have spreadsheet pricing guides available upon request.

You have three options to get a quote

  • Fill out the sheet yourself This spreadsheet will auto-calculate all costs associated with your commission. If you are providing and/or assembling your own models you will naturally zero out those totals.

  • Send a list of what you’d like done.

  • Call me and we will set everything up over the phone with you. 801 372 7661.

Scheduling a Project

Projects usually take 4-14 weeks to complete. It is unusual for a project to take more than 14 weeks but it does happen. If you order your own models it cuts down on the turnaround time a lot.

To schedule a project, we need the following things:

  1. The Models (or a list of models to be acquired).
  2. A Deposit as indicated on the Project Breakdown spreadsheet
    1. Pay by phone with major Credit Card 801 372 7661
    2. Pay via Paypal to
    3. Respond to this email asking for a Paypal money request.
    4. Pay by MO, check or cash (see website Service Guide for details)
  3. The Instructions sheet filled out and returned. These are your specifications and this is sent once your deposit is in.

Terms of Service

When you start a project you agree to the terms in our Terms of Service – Service Guide.

Minimum Run Size

There is a minimum order three units. This could be any combination. For example: three heroes, or one hero and two squads of infantry. Generally speaking, Levels 2-4 are reserved for whole units of models or vehicles/monsters. Levels 5-6 are for individual hero types.  If you do want less than three units the minimum project size is $95.

Levels explained.