I played a game today against Colton Hatch’s Adeptus Custodes at 2000 points.  I recorded the game, but the SD card corrupted.  I’m broken-hearted especially since it was my first win with my Necrons 76-68.  Close but definitely a cigar.

I tried out my Night Scythe Bomb aka Tootsie Pop Drop.  1x Night Scythe, 11x Warriors, 8x Lychguard, 1x Technomancer (going to rock a Chronomancer next time).  1) Deploy all next to Night Scythe out of sight, 2) Scoop all up on first turn and jet into positions, (another second Chronomancer lays down a 5+ invuln) 3) if the Scythe is killed use Curse of the Phaeron to auto-explode, then deploy your units, Warriors on the outside (as the hard candy shell) and Lychguard and Cryptek in the middle.  4) Now you have a very inconvenient mini-army wherever you want on the board.  Watch out for surrounds to auto-kill your guys for no reason.  Or use Emergency Disembarkation stratagem.

I used a Technomancer, but won’t make that mistake again.  The Technomancer cleans up problems after they happen.  Better to use Chronomancer to prevent them from happening to begin with with 5+ invuln.  Remember his buff also allows re-rolls to charges.

You can put Iluminor Szeras or a Skorpekh Lord into a Scythe as well.  OR maybe just more scary melee things.