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Straight from the top: I have just returned to 9th edition and have not played DE, so I can’t gauge if models are better or is the book is going to be competetive. It looks nice and fun, that’s for sure. There is a Succubus and Haemy equivalent to the Master Archon. Haemy gains an ability to return to life like Saint Celestine, a nasty once-per-battle relic (D3 mortals on 2+, the unit loses Aura abilities and can’t benefit from Auras till your next turn) and his Warlord Trait lets him ressurect Wracks, Super-Succubus consolidates at 6′ and does not have to finish closer to an enemy models (which is crazy ass balls) brutal Artifact Weapon (+2 S, -4 AP, D2, wounds 6+ ignore invulnerable saves) and a Warlord Trait that allows her to switch out her normal Attacks for 3+number of enemy models 2′ around her.
All leaders gained an aura – Archon now buffs Kabal Core and Incubi, giving rerolls of 1s to hit, succubus gives rerolls of 1s to wound for Core Wych Cult, Haemy buffs Core Covens with +1 Toughness and now can geal Grots and coven Monsters.
Bloodbraids return – as Trueborn, one unit, they have WS 2+, bonus Ld and upgraded Blade Artists (6+ to wound gain -1 AP, bloodbraids gain -3 AP), wracks also get one unit like this Haemoxytes – +1 Inv save, bigger Ld and once per phase, they ignore damage from a first failed saving throw.
Lelith has Blade Artists (like all wyches), rerolls hits and wounds against Characters, gets a succubus buff Aura (so basically now named and non-named Characters have an interchangable buff aura, which is awesome), has 4+ inv with -1 to hit when she is hit in CC, sghe consolidates +3′ and does not have to consolidate to the nearest enemy and she has No Escape, so enemy units can’t escape unless they pass a Ld test.
Drazhar gains Blade Artists (6s to wound gain -1 AP, so he has AP-4 on 6s), he can fight twice EACH FIGHT PHASE. He gets -1 Damage to a minimum of 1 (both shooting and melee), has 4+ inv, has tormentors and allows incubi to reroll 1s to wound.
Urien deals 1 mortal on 6+ to each enemy in Engagment Range at the start of Fight, he ressurects once per battle like Celestine, halves the damage he takes (to a minimum of one), buffs toughness like a normal Haemy, but also buffs Strength and Ld by 1 for covens, so he makes stuff really punchy.
HO BOY, Blade Artists are an unviersal army rule now! Incubi, Mandrakes, basically anything Drukhari has it now. WIth luck, even Kabalites can now punch much tougher stuff.
Incubi also have tormentors like Drazhar, so no escape from them with a failed Ld test. If klaivex is alive, 6s to wound deal +1 Damage, Wracks still have nots of weapon options on the Acothyst, Wyches seem to be better – Blade Dancers give them a much needed punch and their No Escape rule gives enemies -1 to Ld roll for each Shardnet and Impaler in the unit. Kabalites seem unchanged mostly, but Phantasm launchers now cause Mortal Wounds on hits – if you hit, roll a 2d6 and it deals a mortal wound if you rolled over their Ld. Mandrakes are hit on -1 and once per battle, you can relocate them and set them up in the next turn 9′ away form the enemy. Grots have basic T5 now and the whole unit can have Liquifiers.
Reavers look to be mostly unchanged, hellions can now charge after a fall back, scourges are also mostly the same. Talosi and Cronosi have Power from Pain and Blade Artists too, they now can Explode. Cronos buffs characters and Core units with rerolls of 1s to wound. If he kills a model in melee, he can heal Core models or return lost models to the unit, if it’s a 1 wound squad. Ravagers have Night Shields, so does Raider, bigger transport capacity confirmed, Spilnter Racks now makes unit inside treat shoots from Rapid Fire as if they were in half range (holy shit), Venom has a Flickerfield, which is a Night Shield but also reduces Hits by -1. The fliers also have Night Shields.
No Vect XD, here are point changes (only up and down, no numbers, trade agreements):
Archon – few points cheaper,
Reavers are cheaper,
Venoms cheaper,
not much has changed here it seems, but lot of stuff is buffed, so basically no upping prices despite units and models gaining new abilities.
Black Heart – treat PfP as one higher, if you have an Archon, Mercenaries benefit from it too, +1 Ld, reroll 1 failed hit in shooting/fighting
War Trait: Roll a 6s when op uses a Stratagem. On a 6 you gain a Command Point.
Relic – reroll 1s to wound for Core units around the bearer, if the unit is a Realspace Raider (mixed Detachment) it also benefits Mercenaries.
Agents of Vect – use it once per battle after a Stratagem of your opp – raise it’s cost by 1 till the end of battle. Does not work on Command Reroll.
Flayed Skull – Flyers and units in transports ignore Light Cover, Vehicles move +2′
War tr: +1 S and Attacks for the warlord.
Relic – 4+ Inv for the bearer
Stratagem – select a unit from the kabal, shoot at units with fly at +1, +2 if it’s an Aircraft.
Obsidian Rose – +6 to range of Heavy, Assult, Rapid Fire weapons (no relics), re-roll one failed wound when shooting/fighting (Triple Dark Lance Ravagers are moist now)
War Trait – +1 S for bearer’s Weapons (S5 Power Sword, S9 Blast Pistol on the Archon lol)
Relic – 3+ armor, reduce enemy hits in melee by -1
Stratagem – you can use it when any models run with an attrition test – they can shoot once more before being removed (or hit if they are in engagement)
Custom Obsessions (pick 2, all-consuming count as 2):
Dark Mirth – enemies 12′ within models with this are dealt a mortal on 5+ if they move, advance, fall back or charge.
Deadly Deceivers (all-cons) – units can shoot after a fall back, but with -1 to hit.
Disdain for Lesser Beings – +1 to Combat Attrition test by this models
Merciless Razorkin – 6s to hit with splinter weapons are counted as 2 hits
Torturous Efficency – 6s to wound in shooting are treated with additional -1 AP
Mobile Raiders – +2 movement for Fly models
Soul Bound – Ignore Mortal Wounds on 5+
Toxin Crafters (all-con) – Re-roll 1s for poison weapons. 6s to hit cause poison weapons to be 2+ to wound.
Twisted Hunters – +1 Attacks against characters
Webway Raiders – Reduce CP cost for Webway Portal by 1 if it’s used on that unit.
Cult of Strife – if the unit is in Engage at the begging of the fight phase, they can fight first
If a unit charges a unit with no models from your army in engage, add +1 to charge
War trait – 6s to hit score 3 hits instead of 1
Relic – Roll d6 at the start of each battle round. Gain combat drugs associated with that roll. It is cumulative!
Stratagem – once per battle round, you may use this strat. One unit can either shoot or fight again this phase.
Cursed Blade – +1 S for all models with this obsession, saving throw of 6 is a mortal wound for the attacker after he finished all his attacks.
War trait – saving throw of 4+, instead of 6.
Relic – if the bearer is killed by a melee attack, on 2+ the attacker take D3+3 Mortal Wounds.
Stratagem – use on a charged unit of wyches. They can fire Overwatch beofre the charge roll is made. Up to five models with plasma grendes can make attacks with them and they are treated as Poison 2+.
Red Grief – re-roll charges, +2 advance rolls
War trait – ignore wound rolls of 1-3 in melee
Relic – replace archite glaive, +2 S, ap -3, D 3
Strat – use it after a unit finished it attacks but before consolidation. They can embark a transport that is within 6′ of them, even if they disembarked this turn. Holy shit.
Custom Cults:
Acrobatic Display – you can consolidate horizontaly over other models and terrain. (can’t finish on another model)
Art of Pain – +1 PfP if within engagement
Berserk Fugue (all-con) – if charged, charging or heroic inter, 6s to hit are treated as 2 hits. Ignore Mortals on 5+.
Precise Killers – Blade Artists work on 5+
Slashing Impact – each time a model finish a charge, you can select a non-vehicle unit within Engage, on a 6 it gets a Mortal.
Stimulant Innovators – once per battle, roll a D3 – all models with Combat Drugs gain additional Drugs from the roll till the end of turn.
Test of Skill – +1 to wound against monsters and vehicles
Trophy Takers – if a Morale roll is caused by a melee attack from this model, opp rolls two 6s and discards the lower one.
Agile Hunters (all-con) – +1 to hit against Fly units
+1 to movement, if the model has Hypex.
Prophets of Flesh: All characters, monsters and Grots regenerate 1 wound at the start of your Command
Units with this obs ignore rolls of 1-3 to wound unless attack is S8 or higher.
War trait: Chose one – +1 T and W or +1 Move and Attacks
Relic – enemies cannot fire overwatch, at the start of the Fight, chose one unit 3′ from this model. It fights after all of your units.
Stratagem – Pick a coven infantry unit 6′ from a haemy, it rerolls to hit. costs 2 for grots
Dark Creed – -1 Ld and -1 Combat Attrition rolls 6′ from models. +1 Attack if attacking a unit with a lower Ld.
War Trait – pick a unit 9′ from your warlord at the end of your movement. Roll a 3d6, if you rolled higher that it’s Ld, it can’t preform Actions and loses Obj sec
Relic – replaces stinger pistol. Pistol 3, S2 AP -3 D 1, 2+ poison, ignores invuls
Stratagem – when shooting, ignore Look out, Sir! 3 CP for Talos
Coven of Twelve – melee attacks gain additional -1 AP (lol, -2 AP basic with Blade Artists), models can perform actions in can still shoot
Warlord Trait – -1 Damage to a minimum of one
Relic – replaces haemy tools, AP -2, D3 damage, Poison 2+, always deals 3 D to characters
Strat – select a non-vehicle, non-monster character after consolidation with a haemy. 2-5 it takes D3 Mortals, D3+3 on 6.
Custom obsessions:
Artists of Flesh (all-con) – reduce damage (expect vehicles) received by 1 (to a min. of 1)
Dark Harvest – if a unit finishes a charge, pick a non-vehicle in engage, on 4+, it takes a mortal.
Dark Technomancers (all-con) – when you shoot, you can choose to enhance any or all ranged weapons. They deal +1 D and wound on +1 and can’t be re-rolled. Rolls to wound of 1 deal 1 mortal, D3 to Monsters and Vehicles.
Experimental Creations – +1 S.
Hungry for Felsh – re-roll charges.
Master of Mutagens – hit rolls of 6 with posion weapons against non-vehicle, non-titan units automatically wound.
Master Torturer – reduce cost of Torturer’s Craft by 1.
Obsessive Collectors – if an enemy unit is destroyed in melee, the model can regenerate d3 wounds or d3 models in case of Wracks.
Enhanced Sensory Organs – Ignore Light and Heavy Cover.
Splinterblades – melee hits of 6 are counted as 2.
Custom traits:
Hatred Eternal – you can re-roll hit roll and wound roll whenever you attack. (it’s worded weirdly, but I think it applies once per hit and once per wound)
Soul Thirst – +1 attack, once per turn regain 1 wound if an enemy model is destroyed 6′ around the lord.
Ancient Evil – at the start of the Fight phase, pick one enemy unit in engage. It fights after all your models.
Quicksilver fighter – +2 attacks
Stimm Addict – roll two more dice for los drogos, ignore 6s and effects already active. Warlord benefits from all rolled drugs.
Precision Blows – this is crazy good, hit rolls of 6 deal MORTAL WOUNDS equal to weapon damage and the attack sequence ends.
Master Regenerist – Regain 3 wounds instead of D3 with Fleshcraft.
Master nemesine – +1 wound rolls on attacks.
Master Artisan – +1 T and +1 W
Parasite’s Kiss – Pistol 3 S2 AP -2 D 2, Poison 2+, if a model is destroyed by an attack, regain 1 lost wound
Helm of Spite – in psychic phase, bearer can deny the witch. If he succeeds, the caster is hit with Perils.
Nightmare Doll – haemy only, FNP 4+
Djinn Blade – +1 S, AP -3 D 3, +2 Attacks when fighting with this weapon. At the end of the Fight phase, roll a 6 -on 1, take a mortal
Animus Vitae – 6′ range, one per battle. If it hits, the unit takes D3 mortals. If 11+ models, D3+3. All your models have +1 PFP till the end of turn.
Triptych Whip – Ap -3, D 2, Poison 2+, +3 attacks
I will edit and add stuff according to any more questions.
Edit to add:
Los Drogos:
Adrenalight – +1 attack if charging or heroic inter
Splintermind – +1 BS and +1 Ld
Rest are unchanged
Haywire Blaster – now Drukhari Haywire Blaster, 24′ Heavy D3 S3 AP -3 D3, Blast. 4+ Wound Against Vehicles is always succesful and it deals +D3 Mortals if you roll a 6.
Hellion changes – Stunclaw is Damage 2, Hellglaives gained AP -1.
Hexrifle – got buffed to S 6 AP -2 D 2
Court of the Archon – still not a slot, single unit of 0-4 of each members of the Court. Lhamean gained BLade Artists and Toxin Crafter (Archon and Truebron Poison attack of 6s in 3′ of this unit automatically wound). Ur-Ghouls and Sslyth have 5+ FNP now, Cold-Blooded Bodyguard has changed – while any Sslyth in the unit is alive, enemies cannot target your Archon, if he is in 3′ from the unit. Medusae shots are now D6 Pistol.
Edit 2 Electric Boogaloo:
Indeed, Hekatri Blade does get +1 attack.
Blade Artists and Blade Dancers was a typo. It’s just Blade Artists.
All named characters still have fixed Traits – Drazhar Hatred Eternal, Lelith Blood Dancer (strife Trait), Urien Diabolical Soothsayer (prophets Trait) Urien and Lelith also count as Masters, so you can take Bloodbraids and Haemoxytes, as if you took an unnamed Master character.
Innured to pain is now 5+ FNP. Suck it, Mortarion.
Succubus is 4+ inv, wyches are 6+ inv, 4+ against melee.
Core units are:
It’s actually easier to list non-Core stuff. All characters, all vehicles, Beastmaster and Beasts, Mandrakes, rest is Core. Yes, you are reading that right. Incubi? Core. Scourges? Core. EFFIN COURT OF THE ARCHONI?! Core.
Took a look at stratagems:
Some stuff got dropped, some stuff changed, some new things. Murderous Descent is going to be bonkers and really hated by our enemies, that’s for sure.
Cruel Deception – Use it after a unit Falls Back. It can shoot or fight. 2 CP and it can do both.
The Great Enemy – pick a unit, it rerolls everything against Slaanesh units until the end of the Fight phase.
Toruturer’s Craft – Urien or Coven unit, when they are selected to fight. Until the end of phase, re-roll wounds. If used on a character or a unit of 10 or less Wracks, it costs 1.
Lightning Fast Reactions – in shooting or fight, pick a targeted drukhari infantry, vehicle or biker (no covens or urien). It is hit on -1.
Hunt from the shadows – use in enemy’s shooting phase. If a drukhari unit has Light Cover, +1 armor save.
Alliance of Agony – if you have a Warlord Realspace Raider Archon, a succubus and a haemy gain a Warlord trait.
Tolerated Ambition (NEW) – once per battle, if you have a drukhari warlord, you may generate a trait for a non-warlord. Twice in Strike Force lists, thrice in Onslaught.
Prizes from the Dark city – additional relic. twoce om Strike Force
Webway Portal – 1 or 3 CP, pick an Infantry, Biker or Beast unit and drop them in from the Webway. One use.
Pain Syphon (NEW) -if a Drukhari unit destroys an enemy unit with melee or ranged while 6′ form a Cronos, they treat PFP as it was 5th turn all the time.
Eviscerating Fly-By – pick a Fly Cult unit at the end of movement. Pick a unit it moved over – on 5+, that unit takes a Mortal. +1 to the roll, if it was an infantry unit.
Never Stationary (NEW) – Use after shooting. Pick a non-aircraft drukhari unit. You can make a move of up to 7′ with it. It can’t charge. 2 CP
Prey on the Weak (NEW) – pick a Core unit in shooting or fight phase. Until the end of that phase, that unit re-rolls 1s against units below starting strength and re-rolls all hits against units under half strength.
Screaming Jets – you can leave a Vehicle in reserve. Once per battle.
Deadly Rivals (NEW) – 2 CP, pick a unit of Helions and a unit of Reavers in the command phase. Until the end of turn, they gain +1 Movement and re-roll all hits in melee.
Swift Outflanking (NEW) – 1 CP. Use at the end of the Movement. Select one Transport within 9′ of the battlefield’s edge. Place in into strategic reserves.
Murderous Descent (NEW) – the really, really neat one. Use it after a Transport is placed on the battlefield in the Reinforcment step. A unit in it can DISEMBARK LIKE NORMAL, but it must end it’s disembarkment 9′ away from enemies. Did someone say 11-slot Raider full of Incubi and Drazhar or Lelith + 10 Bloodbraids?
Pray they don’t take you alive – If you kill an enemy Warlord in melee with a Drukhari unit, enemy units substract 1 from Combat Attrition test until the end of the battle.
Enhanced Aethersails – Pick a Raider or Ravager in movement. It advances 8′.
Crucible of Malediction – 2 CP, Use in psychic phase, pick a Haemy. Each psyker within 12′ of him takes D3 Mortals on 4+ (roll for each). Once per battle
Haywire Grenades – Pick a unit with Haywire grenades who is selected to shot. Select one model from it – it can only make one attack and pick an enemy vehicle within 6′ of it. if it hits, it deals D3 Mortals.
Hyperstimm Backlash – 2 CP, Use in command, Pick a Wych unit. Double the efect of Los Drogos on it until your next Command. A unit with Phial Bouquet Relic can’t be the target of this stratagem.
Shock Prow (NEW) – 1 CP. Pick a Shock Prow Unit (if you buy a shock prow for a vehicle, it becomes a Shock Prow Unit) that finished a Charge move. Pick one unit in engage:
If a unit is a Vehicle, it takes D3 mortals on 2+
If it’s not, roll a D6 for each model in that unit that is within Engagement with the Shock Prow unit. For each dice result that equals or exceeds the unit’s T, it takes a Mortal. Time to mow them pesky Primaris.
“Take them alive”
End of the round:
-3 VPs for almost 1 enemy CHARACTER or MONSTER killed by melee;
-1 VPs for almost 1 non-CHARACTER, non-MONSTER, non-VEICHLES enemy unit killed by melee.
“Beasts for the arenas”
End of the game:
-3 VPs for any MONSTER, BEAST, CAVALRY killed on melee by a WYCHCULT unit.
-5 Vps if it was TITAN.
“Fear and terror”
End of the round:
-1 VPs for any MODEL that flees from enemy units during that round.
“Call the prey” (ok my translate falls here, but you got the meaning lol):
This is LITERALLY the Necron’s Vermin one, which is weird.
End of the round:
-2 VPs for every table quarter that contains no-whollywithin-enemy units (besides AIRCRAFT, they can stay we don’t care). Can’t score on first round.