Played a 1000 point game with Necrons yesterday vs. White Scars.
As with my Eldar I am keeping a wargaming journal to keep track of my mistakes so I don’t repeat them, and also notes on how to improve. During my game today:
1) A unit of Necron Warriors with the stronger wpn I accidentally shot with the weaker wpn.
2) I had a Chronomancer near an objective, and I forgot to “raise the banners high” my secondary objective, and instead shot with his sort of weak staff.
3) I forgot to activate a defensive strategem on my Skorphekhs at a critical moment.
4) I charged 210 points of Skorpekhs into 530 points of melee monster Marines. They barely made a dent.
5) I forgot a lot of my command codes (Necron doctrines by turn). This is a big one.
1) I like the Skorpekhs for the price.
2) I ran a Chronomancer that can give a nearby unit a 5++ which was invaluable and probably save me like 200 points of losses. Loving the Chronomancer.
3) Necron Warriors are the MVPs. I think three blocks of 20x each is a minimum. They are hard to perish. With the Conquerors dynastic ability (turning the whole army into ObSec, and count as double with up against enemy ObSec, they are crazy hard to contest objectives).
4) The new Gauss Reaper 12″ S5 -1 D1 option is so good. Twenty Warriors putting out forty shots is just plain scary. Warriors are not needed for backfield objectives, you’ve got Cryptothralls for that. I got in two rounds of shooting with that unit and they just laid waste.
5) The Expansionist army trait is so good, allowing a 6″ army-wide move before the start of the game, putting those Warriors in range of center board objectives.
6) Necrons win by staying alive.
7) You can use reanimation protocols successes to reposition units, crawling around with various losses. It’s a real scene man.
Army List:
Lord with Warscythe (iffy)
Necron Warriors x40
CryptoThralls x4
Skorpekh Destroyers x6
All the stuff from Indomitus seemed to work well, no problems.
How to improve: keep a notecard handy with all the things to remember in each phase. Sort strategem cards by phase and put them in my hand, rotating them to be sure I don’t miss an opportunity. It’s the “game of remembering things”. By the end of deployment the game is mostly won or lost.
Trying next time: Veil of Darkness. When Warriors unit of twenty gets bogged in close combat, I’m just going to whisk them away, land and start blasting!
Next Purchase: Monolith