The new Canoptek Reanimator is a common sight nowadays, a bit of new gear in the Necron arsenal.  Coming in the Indomitus box set makes them easy to acquire.  However, this creature regularly rates low in reviews.  I’ll be putting that to the test in games I have coming up.  Am I smarter than the 40K hive mind that consists of players that are vastly more experienced than me?

I even heard it called a “useless cow”.

The Reanimator was at a whopping 110 points, a conservative number from fresh off the playtesting presses.  Don’t want to make it too good. In the new Chapter Approved is drops to 80 points.  That is incidentally really close to the cost of six Necron warriors (13 x 6 = 78).

The warriors put out twelve shots. The Reanimator puts out six shots, and at one Strength higher.  So it’s shooting isn’t better.  On the net probably half on the net since its BS is only BS+.

In terms of defenses, the Reanimator is definitely more durable.  Same Wounds (six total), but at Toughness 5, and Armor 3+.  They also have Living metal, which will give them an extra 1-3 wounds during the cours of the game.  However, those Necron Warriors will be getting up from Reanimation Protocols to the tune of 1-3 models/wounds per game.  So, it’s roughly the same.

The twist, the problem is that the Warriors are immune to the overkills from high Damage weapons (a D6 damage weapons still only kills one 1W weapon).  Only killing one at a time. So, the Reanimator is a target for separate elements in the enemy army.  You’re giving the big guns a target.

The Reanimator also doesn’t add scoring bodies.

As far as points, the Reanimator is comparable to a Space Marine Lieutentant, better actually in many ways.

Now let’s talk about the buff: it can give one nearby unit +1 to reanimation rolls, netting a 4+ for Reanimation Protocols.  Does this make up for the lack of shooting power, lack of scoring power, and being a giant unhide-able target?  It only affects one unit and only if the Reanimator is around AND in range.  So, your opponent can kill off the Reanimator, the buff goes away.  And the buff only makes the roll ONE point better.  It’s a toughie.

Possible fixes.  If I were in charge, it would be tempting to just reduce the points, and I think dropping to 60 pts would work.  But it would be more interesting to improve the basic function of the unit.  Remove the proximity limitation, make it like the chronomancer- the unit gets zapped with nanites and just has the power for a turn, straight up.  Actually makes it simpler.  Or even better to just make it a 6″ aura that is constantly on.

Oh, and the Lieutentant’s ability is an Aura, he can give it automatically to all units in range.

I will let you know how it goes.