Here’s the deal you just can’t pass up.  In December we are doing L3 painting at half off.  That’s it, that simple.  Limited slots, so get it while it’s hot.

Contact with inquiries or to get a pricing sheet.

To get the special put “December L3” in your subject line.

That will make infantry $4-5 each typically.


Here are the caveats:

1) your order needs to be $1400 or more base (ie at half off if it’s all L3 you will pay $700),  NOTE: on that you would pay $350 down, so that gets you in the door!  Also, if your order is in the $800-1399 range for your L3 paint work then it’s still 40% off

2) This is only for new orders paid with money (not with credit),

3) not cumulative with any other offer or special,

4) your project has to have relatively simple instructions and a cohesive color scheme (so not fifty models all with a different color scheme, and five pages of instructions),

5) There are only a limited number of slots for this, so it might end before the end of December.

6) Details are subject to change and might get tweaked as the days go on.