IMG_1245Why do i like to lose?

As you know, I’ve been working up my competitive Necrons list and working at becoming a better player.  I’m at game six now.  I hope to manage a hundred games over the course of a year.  My two sons are coming along on the journey with me.  My older son Jonah (19) has already painted up his Dark Angels army and it getting to work on Drukhari.  He hasn’t played even one game yet, I keep selfishly snapping them up each week.  We are both going to a Grand Tournament here in Utah mid-May.  The attendance is likely to top fifty people.

My younger son Griffin (15) is playing DeathGuard.  He’s a good painter, but hasn’t painted his army fully yet.  We’re almost done collecting the figures needed.  We played a 2000 point game yesterday, doing everything by the book so we can learn our armies.  He took me to the cleaners.  I only had twenty Warriors and a Technomancer on the board by the end of turn 2.

Here’s my list:

1x Lord with Resurrection Orb (and nothing else)

1x Chronomancer (throws 5++ on Monolith each turn)

1x Technomancer

1x Iluminor Szeras (he got mowed down by a Drone-mower)

1x Canoptek Reanimator

2x Ghost Ark (each with 10x Warriors)

40x Warriors

1x Monolith

Here are the highlights and what I learned.

1) I got to get rid of the Monolith.  It never does that much before getting blown up.  And it eats up a whopping 6CP just to field it.  But I just love it so much.  Not sure what’s coming in to replace it.  But I definitely need some heavy hitters to go in with the Warriors and countercharge any unit that goes in there to trouble them.

2) I went first and by the end of my turn 2, I controlled all six objectives.  But then I got hit with the DeathGuard elites that just wiped me off the board.

3) It’s Mortarion, I can’t deal with him.  The Monolith got him down to five wounds.  But when he hits in Close Combat it’s game over.  I used Curse of the Phaeron to auto-explode for D6 mortal wounds on so many things.  I killed like five units.

4) The Lord res-orb-ed a unit, used the newly animated models to creep on to an objective and claim it, then during movement I teleported to the back lines and then charged a tank to get them on the back objective.

5) I forgot to re-roll “1”s when I reanimated my Warriors.  Other than that I played a pretty good game.

6) I’m loving the Chronomancer every time.  The Conoptek Reanimator seems not so useful.  I keep giving this cow a chance, but it just underperforms and seems like a flushed 80 points.