On a pristine Maiden World the Eldar scramble for webway portals as the Dark Eldar descend. Finished up my battle report with Dave today and it’s a real nail-biter. Look for part two on our Youtube channel tomorrow. This battle report is played at 1500 points, a little less than a typical tournament level. We used the BTP studio Water Temple terrain with a twist- in a forested setting to evoke the natural beauty of a Maiden World. The terrain is very open to allow for a brutal firefight to break out!

My list:
Farseer x2
Spiritseer x1
Wave Serpent with Vectored Engines and Holo Fields x1
Jetbikes (six with Shuriken Cannons) x18
War Walkers (scatter laser, missile launcher) x3
Crimson Hunter Exarch x1