See below for the entire battle report in two parts.

Walking by Dave’s desk I had to do a double take at the Dark Eldar army on his shelf. It was looking pretty good and in my favorite color; teal. So we set up a 1500 point game. We played the first few turns on Tuesday and then the remainder on Thursday.

Farseer x2
Spiritseer x1
Wave Serpent with Vectored Engines and Holo Fields x1
Jetbikes (six with Shuriken Cannons) x18
War Walkers (scatter laser, missile launcher) x3
Crimson Hunter Exarch x1

Archon with Shadow Field x1
Urien Rakarth x1
Ten Warriorss in a Raider with Splinter Racks x2
Ravager x1
Venom x1
Razorwing x1
Mandrakes x10 (or 12?)