Hello Blue Table Painting fans, welcome to The Overwatch- a blog where we cover everything in the wargaming universe. So who am I? I will start by just telling you my name is Brody, I will be blogging on The Overwatch, I am 23-years-young, I have a dog (my best-bud), and I love miniatures.

Instead of going into a long detailed explanation into who I am and what my essence is all about I thought I would make a list of things I like and a list of things I don’t. These are ordinary things- some deal with wargaming and others do not. Not in any particular order.

Things I Like
-The little quilted part at the end of Scotch Tape
-A good wheat beer of micro-brew
-Comments on my writing (even if it is just to tell me how horrendously I misspelled cantankerous)
-Top Chef
-The rolling of a single dice, especially when the outcome of said dice will have a significant impact on how happy one person will be versus another
-Reading a good book
-Thinking while in the shower
-A good RPG
-Understanding the differences between Science Fiction and Space Fantasy

Things I Am Not Too Keen On
-Reality TV shows not named Top Chef
-The fact that I like shower thinking so much
-Old milk and/or tomatoes
-The misuse of good and well

Yes, that’s it. I think that sums me up about right. You could say that with my first official blog post it was a bit gutsy to not include any real wargaming references whatsoever, but that’s how I roll and there will be plenty of time for that as I start my time here. So in these early stages of the blog I invite you to do the same. Introduce yourself, tell us what you’re all about, and maybe one or two things you enjoy as well.

Until next time, more blog for the blog god.