Night Shroud


Check out the new Necron Night Shroud Bomber from Forgeworld. I don’t play Necrons very  much but I think this is new flyer is great. It’s a large dedicated bomber that carries “a relic of that ancient and apocalyptic conflict – so-called Death Spheres – containment vessels imprisoning the merest fragment of anti-matter.”

This item is now open for pre-order and will be available April 5th.

While that new item is super exciting, the thing I am actually a bit more excited for – The Realm of Battle Necron Tomb Citadel.



This piece looks like it was taken straight from Teotihuacan itself (+1 for anyone who knows the reference) and I, for one, am loving it. The Fortress of Redemption and The Wall of Martyrs mark the only large pieces of fortifications available to players right now and with fortifications being a big part of 6th edition 40k- I am extremely happy to see more added to the collection. Even if it this is just a Forgeworld release and not GW, at least someone is getting it out there.

Even if you don’t play Necrons, like Necrons, or like fortifications I think you have to applaud Forgeworld for the effort. People for months have been complaining about the lack of scenery/fortifications, but even more so by the lack of xenos stuff. Think about it, you can really only find imperial buildings and fortifications right now. Hopefully this marks the beginning of a xenos fortification push, only time will tell. It also marks the first big fortification piece from Forgeworld to my recollection, I may be wrong but I hope they keep it up.

Check them all out in the New Stuff section on Forgeworld.