Shipping for any army is as follows:
$9 in US
$25 to the EU or Canada
$35 to most other places

We can paint additions to match. We are very excited for a new batch of studio armies as we move into 2015!

Dark Eldar 1000 pts

Legion (Hordes) 35 pts

Heavy Gear (now with Battlefoam!)

Nurgle Chaos Space Marines army 3500+ pts

Imperial Guard  (not painted by BTP) 1300 pts

Ogres 2500 pts

Eldar 2500 pts

Tyranids 3500 pts

Tau 4000 pts

Imperial Guard 2500 pts

UCM Dropzone Commander Army $1550

Scourge Dropzone Commander Army $1550

Shaltari Dropzone Commander Army $1550

Other armies that are available: Inquisitorial, Eldar, Tyranids.