Longest title ever? Yes. Most ambitious and crazy miniatures Kickstarter Campaign to ever get funded? I believe so, yes and with just hours to go. Find out more about Golem Arcana.. 

We covered Golem Arcana not too long ago, and promptly dismissed it / forgot about it as the $500,000 dollar goal seemed insane. Well guess what? Shit got funded and thankfully Pins of War was covering it all.

Check out the EPIC coverage here. 

Though the campaign did take in over US$ 100.000,- on the first day from all the people who were waiting for it to start, the campaign went into the doldrums soon after, falling to a trickle of pledges, far from what be needed to fund the Kickstarter without another huge rush towards the end.

Less than 48 hours ago, the campaign was still short over US$ 100.000,-

But then the plot thickens…